MIT Dasari's Lecture: Updated copy, 2018
1stAnnual Dasari Lecture

2007 Charles Townes (University of California, Berkeley)
The fun of a physics career

2ndAnnual Dasari Lecture

2008 Takeshi Oka (University of Chicago)
H3+ in the central molecular zone of the Galactic center

3rd Annual Dasari Lecture

2009 Changhuei Yang (California Institute of Technology)
Innovations in biophotonics from $10 chip-scale microscopes to time-reversal-induced tissue transparency

4th Annual Dasari Lecture

2010 John Thomas (Duke University)
A tale of quantum viscosity in universal Fermi gases

5th Annual Dasari Lecture

2011 Yukihiro Ozaki (KwanseiGakuin University)
SERS, Basic principle and its application to biomedical sciences

6th Annual Dasari Lecture

2012 Robert Field (MIT)
Molecules behaving bad?

7th Annual Dasari Lecture

2013 Moungi Bawendi (MIT)
Excitons in nanocrystal quantum dots: Science, technology, and the path to market

8th Annual Dasari Lecture

2014 Katrin Kneipp (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DTU)
Exploring the hottest hot spots of plasmonic nanostructures and their spectroscopic potential

9th Annual Dasari Lecture

2015 Mildred S Dresselhaus (MIT)
The Dasari influence on Carbon Science

10th Annual Dasari Lecture

2016 Bruce Tromberg (Beckman Laser Institute, U of California at Irvine)
Wearable and Bedside Biophotonics: Technologies at the Intersection Between Personalized Medicine and Personal Health

11th Annual Dasari Lecture

2017 Keith Nelson (MIT)
Light Interactions with Matter: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Friday, 20-Apr-2018 19:48:40 EDT